Pup-Tent is a weekend for pups, handlers     and all those just interested in the pet play  community to meet up and have fun! There is games, food, educational classes, dancing and more! So come on out and have some fun and meet new family! Of course there will always be the shenanigans of having more than one pup in the same place at the same time! So save the dates of August 6-9, 2020.  This event is open to everyone 21 years and over no matter what gender you identify as.  Note: there is only one restroom and shower facility that will have to be shared by everyone.  


Hello there my name is Wrench!  Nice to meet you! After a successful second year lets try this again!!!  We have made some changes from last year.  There will be more fun and then could be imagined!  Like last year the proceeds from this years Pup-Tent will go to the TBD.  This year we raised $2100 for the Phoenix Center in Springfield IL .  Thank you all for your help!!!!

Big Thank You to Our Sponsors: